Toy Trucks or Tutus! It's a.... | Baby J Gender Reveal | Conway, AR Maternity Photographer

It's kind of funny how similiar Danielle and my lives have been since the day we met. I met and started dating her brother in the summer of 2010. A few months later she introduced us to Keaton. A little over a year later, they were engaged. A few weeks later, so were we. Fast forward three months and Jared and I were married. 3 weeks after that, Danielle and Keaton tied the knot. (You can see the photos from their wedding here.) After a little over a year of marriage, both of our families attended seperate foster care informational meetings, without knowing! We'd never discussed it before. Our homes were opened within a few weeks of each other, and our first foster children were placed in our homes soon after. Danielle is one of the few people who has been able to understand what I'm going through almost every moment of the past 4 years. God really orchestrated our family and friendships and I couldn't be more thankful.

We had planned to arrive an hour before their gender reveal party this past Saturday to take some gender reveal photos. As is the norm, we were a few minutes late, and we don't do anything in a hurry. By the time we actually got around to taking these photos, there was less than half an hour before the party. I loved our short little session. It's so exciting to watch Danielle and Keaton prepare to welcome a little cousin for our kids. Here we go! Toy trucks or tutus, what do you think?

This little girl is about to have her life turned upside down! She won't be the baby anymore. But I have a feeling she'll ALWAYS be Keaton's baby. ;)

We learned the hard way that these gumballs were HARD to chew and even HARDER to blow bubbles with. Keaton had a hard time getting that blue bubble to stay!

So it's a good thing that it DIDN'T MATTER!


I can't wait to meet my little niece next March!

Keep on the lookout for maternity photos in the next few months! I'm hoping for a snowy session!

And here's a funny story. Keaton's sister showed up about 10 minutes early, so Danielle made a run for the tree so that she wouldn't see the ribbon! She was successful! It was actually QUITE a surprise to find the pink. Most everyone was just SURE it was a boy.

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