Elise | 14 Months of Joy | Conway, AR Photographer

Emily contacted me about a session with her 14-month-old daughter Elise. We met up at Cadron Settlement Park and I spent my morning chasing this active and adorable little girl all over. Turns out, Emily's in-laws go to my church. I hadn't met them, but within a week of our session I discovered that we had been placed in a small group together. I've been getting to know them over the past few months, and we always talk about little Elise. She truly is a doll.

I found a tiny little toad, and it gained me a couple of gorgeous photos. It was probably funny to watch me hold this tiny toad AND my camera in order to get Elise to look where I wanted to. Don't let anyone tell you that being a photographer is as easy as "Point and Click". We'll do whatever it takes to get the shot.

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